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safe1598488 edit121419 edited screencap58531 screencap208481 applejack161116 fluttershy201191 pinkie pie205767 rainbow dash222257 rarity172283 spike75014 twilight sparkle285851 alicorn202238 dragon49650 earth pony210154 pegasus251467 pony867860 unicorn278239 friendship is magic2619 the last problem4563 alternate hairstyle25190 animated93376 book31126 book end5 book of harmony91 feels1542 female1271448 flying35036 male337907 mane six30086 mare431825 medal516 older23785 princess twilight 2.01876 sitting56484 smiling220737 sound7492 the ride is over6 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117164 webm11066 winged spike7594


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