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Mulberry decides to go straight to her fiances side. The mare can’t help herself. She has wanted to see him since he moved away.
“Hey baby? Where you goin’? C’mere for a second!” Mulberry hears from aside her.
The mare turns to see a gryphon and two pegasi sitting beside a building the map says is the Fishery dormitories. Mulberry sticks her nose up at the group. Not only are they rude, but on top of that their clothes are frayed and patched, and they have a very unclean look to them.
The mare continues to the general store and walks up to the door
She turns the knob.
It’s locked.
She knocks a few times. When no one responds she looks through the window. It’s filled with a variety of goods. Non-perishable food, rope, candles, soap… Basic necessities. However, there is no one at the counter. Mulberry walks around the two-story building, and comes across a staircase. It leads to a landing leading to a pair of doors.
She knocks on the first. The door cracks open slightly, and she is initially elated to see Antione there. Something is off about him. His eyes were always so full of intelligence, cunning, and energy. Now however his stare is dulled… Heavy eyelids full of apathy and weariness. Upon seeing her they turn into eyes of fear and shock.
“What?” the unicorn stallion says, “Who are you? That’s impossible! How… How dare you take her appearance!”
He approaches her quickly, giving her an intimidating, pointed stare.
The mare falls back to the banister.
“H-huh? It’s me! Mulberry! Mulberry Telltale!” She says, tears of fear and sadness filling her eyes. “Your fiance!”
“Is that so? Then prove it.” He says imperiously.
Mulberry rubs her eyes and then pulls out the pack of letters.
“I sent these… These are…” The stallion says, frantically looking through the letters. He stops, then let’s the letters slip out of his hooves. He stands, and then gives her an addled sort of look.
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