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32 comments posted
Darth Shy

Does anyone else feel like this was another botched potential execution for the season? I mean it’s not necessarily bad, but it’s nowhere near as good as it should’ve been!
Background Pony #FA87
See didn't flee to a cult and choose to stay because she had anyone she'd miss. Whatever the answer it isn't happy.

Hey I just realized that could be something she and Big Mac had in common. That's the best reason for there relationship I've thought of, and why the show hasn't given it due to it's reluctance to go into such.
Background Pony #F6AA
Wasn't Cheerilee supposed to be one Big Mac's friends? I would have thought she's be here, or perhaps the writers worried about pouring salt into wounds by including her?

I also would have thought the Pony Tones ought to have been in attendance.
Copper Knight

Personally, I don't think any of the original inhabitants were on good terms with their families if they were able to dip out of their life to join a cult that fundamentally changed their person.