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Page 415 — Party of None

I wasn't planning to make this a double-length page, but then I started having too much fun writing the script and decided to give myself the extra leeway. The remaining pages leading up to 420 will be normal-length, but enjoy the free bonus!

(Pinkie Pie crazy smile)
Pinkie Pie: Thank you so much for coming to this practice session! Is there anything else you need before we get started?
Mister Turnip: Can I have a wise-cracking robot dog companion?
Pinkie Pie: Of course, Mister Turnip! That sounds silly AND fun!
Rocky: I’m so booored! I wanna punch something! Preferably something big!
Pinkie Pie: All in good time, Rocky. I’ll make sure there’s plenty of combat for you.
Sir Lintsalot: My character is a multiclass Bard/Warlord/Wizard/Swordmage. Just FYI.
Pinkie Pie: That should be fine, Sir Lintsalot! Whatever makes you happy.
Madame le Flour: “Barten’r, anozzer drink! Peristhana Hollysword vill not be denied zis night!”
Pinkie Pie: Already in-character I see, Madame le Flour. I love it! Between you four… I can make a perfect campaign that satisfies EVERY kind of player! NO ONE will be disappointed!
(Pinkie Pie freakout)
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