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Page 418 — When Boards Collide

Story time! What's a creepy tabletop experience you've had?

I suspect this could end up being a can of worms, so try not to wander into TMI or NSFW territory with this one.

Edit: I was right! And the warning did nothing! Tread lightly in the comments today.

Last week's Fallout is Dragons is finally up! We're missing two or three members this week, so we're taking another brief break.

Rainbow Dash: Hey, uh, we’re all wondering what’s taking… so… Uh. What’s this?
Pinkie Pie: Sorry, I won’t be joining you girls today. I have to practice with my perfect group.
Rainbow Dash: Um… “Perfect group”?
Rocky: I attack the King!
Madame le Flour: No, I talk to the King!
Sir Lintsalot: No, I loot the King!
Mister Turnip: No, I rap battle with the King!
Rainbow Dash: …Ooooookay! Totally not creepytown at all…
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