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I don't know the names of those two purple background stallions. The one on the right looks a bit like Pokey Pierce but I know it's not him because of the different colors. So if anyone wants to help me with tagging those two (as well as giving me their names in the comments), I would really appreciate it.

Also, the white stallion in the back I may need a name for too. I've seen him tagged as Strawberry Cream here before but I don't know if that's his right name or not.
safe1555759 screencap195251 apple bloom46193 carrot top5118 golden harvest5118 lightning bolt811 parasol527 ponet339 silver script84 strawberry cream2 white lightning810 earth pony190592 pegasus232507 pony826916 unicorn257687 hearts and hooves day (episode)654 background pony8904 banner1840 blushing172641 cup5398 date785 eyes closed78425 female880019 filly58402 hearts and hooves day1962 male299150 mare404379 menu199 ponyville4920 reading5793 sitting53824 stallion90373 straight120132 straw1686 umbrella2290


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