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Equestria at War!

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Twist became Snails!
safe1635960 screencap213315 aquamarine159 blancmange20 bon bon15855 boysenberry179 diamond tiara9946 little red160 lyra heartstrings28678 peach fuzz258 silver spoon6337 sweetie drops15855 train tracks (character)208 twist2821 earth pony222659 pegasus264526 pony901090 unicorn293627 the last problem5258 female1302085 flying36082 male350006 mare448130 needs more jpeg1444 older24832 older aquamarine16 older bon bon36 older boysenberry10 older diamond tiara703 older little red12 older lyra heartstrings35 older peach fuzz13 older silver spoon604 older train tracks (character)6 older twist104 stallion100186 walking4382


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If they really wanted to highlight the passage of time and the assention of a science nerd to power, then all the houses would have unsightly TV antennas.
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This feels like the phineas and ferb episode Act your age, which feels like last episode mzterial since that was the last chronological episode.
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