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Big Macintosh and Sugar Belle

These two have been going strong since Sugar Belle moved to Ponyville. After graduating from underneath Mrs. Cake's apprenticeship, she's not quite sure what her next move is except returning back to Our Town to take over her bakery again from her cousin. Faced with this sudden crossroads, a devastated Big Mac turns towards his family for advice. The Apples rally together, as the entire family strongly considers Sugar Belle one of them now, and make a proposal to the unicorn — move her bakery to Ponyville, and it can be built right on Sweet Apple Acres. Deeply touched, Sugar accepts their offer and begins her new life. Sugar Apple's Sweet Shop is soon open for business, specializing in apple-based treats (and while they have a slight, amicable rivaly, Mrs. Cake is incredibly proud). The day of the grand opening, Big Macintosh pops the big old question that evening at sunset after an incredibly busy few hours. An exhausted Sugar can only give her coltfriend a big kiss in response. The two reside together at Sweet Apple Acres, and have a daughter, Chrysanthemum, together, although they do stand as adoptive parents of nieces Juniper Berry and Pippin.

Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis

These two famous Canterlot citizens have been together as long as most anypony can remember. There are tabloids dating back to when these two were just entering their twenties, raving about the young philanthropist Fanciful Pants seen on a candlelit date with Prench supermodel Fleur. They hosted a whirlwind romance and have been married for quite a few years by now. In public, they are the picture of sophisticated grace, Fleur often hanging from her husband's forearm and giving soft giggles at each statement. Some ponies might see a rich stallion and his trophy wife, benevolent and kindly on the outside, but we all know how ponies with money truly are. However…that's not exactly the case with these two. Of course, coming from privilege, they can certainly appear shallow and snooty at times, but these two are actually quite down-to-earth the majority of the time, and are very much in love with one another. They never hesitate to share a small kiss in the store, or small nuzzle while attending a play. When in private, they quite enjoy a good cuddle and can spend hours at their beachfront cabin in Prance lying in bed, reading and conversing. While children were never an immediate plan in their relationship, a little bundle of surprise arrives in the form of their daughter, Vanity Faire.

Zephyr Breeze and Tree Hugger

During one of Pinkie Pie's town-wide summer shin-dings, Discord attends with Fluttershy and Zephyr Breeze. The two had recently learned that Zephyr had harbored a genuine, legitimate crush on Rainbow Dash and was actually quite saddened to learn she was dating a fellow Wonderbolt. He'd actually been taking steps to mature (at least a little bit) more so he'd impress her, for all his efforts to be for naught. Discord recognizes a stallion going through something quite similar to his own journey. At the party, the bored draconequus idles around, making small little bits of mischief. Then, a familiar, drawling voice calls his name, and Tree Hugger appears from the crowd. The two have a brief conversation, Discord becoming increasingly annoyed, until he figures out a way to both get out of it and earn some boyfriend points with his beloved. He smoothly introduces Zephyr Breeze to Tree Hugger, and their auras immediately jive. Treezie has always been deeply dedicated to her causes (and well, a bit flighty to be honest) so she never really explored the world of romance, or had interest in doing so. And she is totally into this whole, radically concept being "in like" (as Fluttershy described it).

They become quite close over the next few months, and Tree Hugger asks him to accompany her to a hippie spiritual retreat in Vanhoover, and he eagerly agrees. As they enjoy a sacred hot springs, meditating, Treezie quietly, blissfully admits that her vibes are tingling, her chakras have taken a warm glow, and the planets have aligned. She's really into him, and wants him to stick around awhile. Weeks later, they move into a meditative zen hut together, and have a very Bohemian wedding soon after. The two mesh quite well together and despite both their…out-there personalities, its obvious they are quite in love. Zephyr is an up-and-coming stylist, and Tree Hugger runs a backyard yoga/meditation class in-between attending trips for her various environmental causes. The two jive so well, they end up with a pretty cool star child in a few years, Mellow Vibes.

Mud Briar and Maud Pie

Maud Pie and Mud Briar were regarded as a strange, but strangely perfect couple from the beginning. The two seem to be in perfect sync, even through their rare monotone arguments that eventually circle to a mere disagreement on hypotheses. Their lives just became so smoothly intertwined. Mud would show his affection by attempting to write small poems for Maud to find when she opens her passport on her next research trip, or a particularly interesting quartz matrix he finds on his last research trip. In return, Maud leaves her own (much better, they agree) poems folded on his pillow, or a particularly interesting sample of fire aspen bark she finds on an expedition. And so…the next logical step seemed to indeed be marriage. So they do. Luckily, Pinkie Pie manages to keep herself mostly under control in planning their wedding. Mud moves in with Maud, and the two reside in her grotto. The pair continues with their respective research and make quite a good pair. While foals were certainly not on the itinerary, these two were not, well, withholding of physical affection and eventually Maud ended up pregnant. Nevertheless, they deeply adore (in their own unique ways) their daughter, Azurite.

Quibble Pants and Limestone Pie

After Maud Pie introduces her other two sisters to her boyfriend, Mud Briar, Limestone Pie begins to act more sour and foul-tempered than ever before. She's not directly mean to anypony, just…angry. After hanging around for a few days, she manages to finally annoy coax the truth out of her oldest sister (being the nosy intrusive intuitive sister she is). Limestone Pie is lonely. She has a few penpals, and of course Marble, her parents, and her family. But its not exactly easy for her to make friends (and not that she actively pursues it…), but she's in her late twenties and feels quite down about never even having a boyfriend. Or even somepony that could potentially be chosen by the Pairing Stone. Determined to cheer her sister up, Pinkie Pie shares the story with Rainbow Dash. After revealing she found a few Daring Do books in Limestone's room, she and Rainbow hatch a plan. Rainbow's fellow Daring Do fan, Quibble Pants, had also been quite sad recently. Clear Sky had been offered an opportunity to pursue her dream career…in Trottingham. And Quibble finally managed to land a small publishing job in Canterlot. Not wanting to keep her and her daughter from an amazing life, Quibble lets them both go with a broken heart.

Pinkie and Dash take their respective parties to the annual Daring Do convention, and "run into" one another at the replica prop booth. And from there…well, it was something nopony quite expected. They clicked. After about fifteen minutes of arguing about Daring Do's mysterious parentage (and their headcannons pertaining to such) Quibble snarkily asks Limestone on a date. The blushing mare gives a groan but reluctantly agrees. And from there, their strange relationship grows stronger. They're often observed in heavy arguments about this or that, usually ending in a make-out session. While Quibble found Limestone's family freakishly strange at first, he…adapted. Especially after the day he snuck into the woods to observe this stupid "Pairing Stone," which was just a big…gray, round, rough…rock. Unsurprising. However, when he rests a hoof against it just to see if it would magically tell him if he could be with the mare he's fallen head-over-hooves in love with, nothing happens. Until the voice of Igenous Rock speaks behind him, affirming that the Pairing Stone has decreed that Quibble is Limestone's match. Highly confused but deliriously happy, Quibble sincerely thanks him. The two currently still reside on the rock farm, Quibble now working on publishing his own works. The quiet and peace of the rock farm has been invaluable to the writer. Limestone still farms, but is a much happier mare and has mellowed out (a bit). They have an equally-snarky, but big-hearted daughter, Sandstone Pie.
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le grand rêveur
@Background Pony #10B0

the drawing is pretty

but for me spike sees in ember a sovereign friend allied with equestria.
ember saw as a spike a young dragon with a big heart who has a vision of government other than that of his father.
I don’t know how to say it, but it’s more of a notion of respect than love.

le grand rêveur
@Background Pony #10B0

embrax is a beautiful royal couple who must remain hidden for the moment in the eyes of their respective people.
spike is the one who allowed them to meet.

for me spike will be with rarity the show continued their story.
I don’t know how they’ll have a family but either they’ll mix their nature to become dragon pony it’s a world that stays a little magical or they’ll adopt as spike was adopted in the past.

le grand rêveur
sugarmac yes they go well together nothing to say.

zephyrhugger I have long hesitated for this couple but not. (zephyr needs someone harder like limestone)

fancyfleur quite agreed.

maudbriar they found themselves without our help.

quibblestone quibble found someone before clear sky.

marbleshoes interesting without more.
(I see marble attending rockhoof in these counts with its superb voice which would reveal to these sides)

emberspike for me the project is not go far. (I see thorax with ember as they learn from their opposite)
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Spike and Ember

Spike's crush on Rarity had significantly waned over the past few years. While they remained, of course, incredibly close friends, Spike's focus on his duties began to distract him for quite some time. Not only was he training to stand as Twilight Sparkle's Royal Advisor (alongside Starlight Glimmer) but was beside each of his pony pals as the girls went through the roller coasters of their newfound relationships. And, eventually, he became universal uncle to most of the Mane Seven's foals. He especially loves his adopted sibling Princess Dawn Star, Twilight's daughter. However, as he gets older and Dawn grows into an intelligent, enthusiastic filly, Spike begins to feel that familiar longing in his heart. He loves little Dawney, and his pony family unit, but there weren't exactly a gaggle of mares throwing themselves at his feet. Which, of course, is understandable, but frustrating nonetheless. Spike's heartache is curbed, however, with his frequent diplomacy trips to maintain healthy relationships with other kingdoms — including the Dragon Lands. Lord Ember continues to rule with an iron fist, but with a far more just point of view than her father. The kingdom is actually thriving and Ember continues to work with her subjects and create a more empathetic, less violent society.

And the female dragon is going through something fairly similar. Most of the males interested in her all seem to have a head full of rocks and would probably hinder her in running the country, not help. Garble, of course, is presented as the most suitable match for quite a few years, but these two emotionally constipated creatures never got past the snarky part and to the romantic part. Ember finds herself, however, surprisingly upset when Garble marries the fellow Gauntlet contestant, Maar. She ends up tearfully confiding in Spike about her feelings, and the two have a heart-to-heart about their respective struggles. With that, the two young dragons begin to bond closer and closer. Just as Spike observed with Discord and Fluttershy, he found himself strangely, but happily attracted to the tough-as-nails leader, and Ember finds her own heart softening at the funny and kind purple dude. Although they do find themselves combating struggles with distance in their relationship and other ties pulling them apart at times, they are quite in love with one another and eventually have a daughter, Cinder.