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1080p link in the source.
safe1597243 artist:luzion22 artist:shinodage1116 editor:luzion28 derpy hooves48356 oc614941 oc:apogee815 oc:daisy cutter19 pony866963 abuse6473 animated93342 awesome face246 cute183051 dancing7714 dancing apogee15 emoji842 freaks (timmy trumpet)1 meme79200 music2598 musical instrument8061 pmv281 seizure warning3133 sound7485 timmy trumpet1 trumpet277 trumpet boy12 webm11058


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Background Pony #4AD8
I'm sorry, but how is that abuse? Sure the song is called freaks but I don't think Apogee is calling her that. Right?
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Equestria Daily Blogbat
Probably one of the best things I've seen on this site. 10/10, would will put on repeat.

The song, though memetastic, is genuinely catchy af.
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