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Sci-Twi Lover
Sunset Shimmer : Hey, Twilight, have you seen Pinkie? She said that she's inviting me to play hide-and-seek together about a few hours ago, and now, after counting to ten, I couldn't find here anywhere, I was searching her about three hours now... And, by the way, what's with that face on you, Twi? Is there something wrong with you? You're almost like you are catching a cold.

Pinkie Pie : *gasps, then thinking while worried* _Well, I guess I've should no't hide inside Twiligheret after all, this is too embarrassing to me, I'd thought this plan's gonna work for me, but now, itI'sve a mistaooke it. Twilight, please let me out of here!_

Sci-Twi : UWell, uh, uh, uhhhh, I-I-I don't see her around here, m-maybe you should continue to look afoter h-her, don't worry, I-I'm o-okay! *laughs nervously*
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