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A collaborative effort between my friend Midnight flyer and myself to pay homage to the show, its creators and staff. It been a wild ride and I'm so proud to have been apart of it all.

1080p Link in the source.

I hope you enjoy it :)

Heres my shameless Youtube channel plug: Lucid Unrest
safe1616123 artist:alex di stasi12 artist:alfa995194 artist:flyer1 artist:jan516 artist:kanashiipanda587 artist:lumineko2760 artist:luzion22 artist:petirep309 artist:shinodage1116 artist:stormxf3130 edit123106 edited screencap59249 editor:flyer1 editor:luzion28 screencap210866 amethyst star2388 angel bunny9507 apple bloom47520 applejack162619 berry punch6226 berryshine6218 big macintosh27093 button mash3860 carrot top5223 cheerilee9535 clever musings141 daisy2316 derpy hooves48650 diamond tiara9858 discord29492 flower wishes2185 fluttershy203041 gallus6183 golden harvest5223 granny smith5129 huckleberry338 limestone pie4743 lyra heartstrings28426 marble pie6170 maud pie12007 minuette5537 night light2101 november rain531 ocellus4861 octavia melody22945 pinkie pie207529 princess cadance31082 princess celestia91192 princess flurry heart6644 princess luna95526 rainbow dash224094 rarity173823 sandbar5044 scootaloo49648 shining armor22084 silver spoon6277 silverstream5655 smolder7190 snails5168 snips4088 sparkler2238 spike75770 sweetie belle47301 twilight sparkle288365 twilight velvet3982 twist2789 yona4729 oc627434 oc:apogee829 alicorn206172 beaver202 bird7374 dragon50940 duck1264 earth pony216102 griffon25128 hippogriff8800 pegasus257456 pony883955 unicorn285426 fanfic:my little dashie334 mentally advanced series158 rainbow dash presents265 a canterlot wedding2556 boast busters1045 fall weather friends685 friendship is magic2637 it's about time695 lesson zero1360 luna eclipsed1438 magical mystery cure2192 my little pony: the movie18280 school daze2644 sonic rainboom (episode)966 the best night ever1265 the cutie re-mark3081 the return of harmony1529 three's a crowd1236 winter wrap up1019 yakity-sax725 animal3725 animated94183 apple farm30 armor22337 background pony9629 backpack1768 canterlot5371 canterlot castle1982 captain hook the biker gorilla41 castle of the royal pony sisters705 cloudsdale1236 colt13762 colt big macintosh62 cute186318 cutie mark43883 cutie mark crusaders18354 dragoness7242 end of ponies773 female1286493 filly61646 filly applejack437 filly fluttershy573 filly rainbow dash1129 filly rarity315 filly twilight sparkle2476 friendship student1533 future twilight1016 glass of water109 helmet9900 jack black28 jewelry55316 magic68463 male343965 mane seven6154 mane six30384 mare439649 meta16227 nostalgia87 pie family276 pinkamena diane pie18503 pmv282 ponyville5353 regalia17703 royal guard7156 royal guard armor742 sans (undertale)444 shyabetes12455 sound7663 sparkle family102 stallion97873 student six1504 the ride never ends288 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118404 twilight sparkle's cutie mark9 twitter3198 undertale1646 unicorn twilight14378 wall of tags2654 water11978 webm11388 wings87856 younger15975


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15 comments posted
Background Pony #0166
I only got to two minutes before I couldn't handle the feels. Maybe in typing this I've regained some strength.
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Background Pony #192F
day one, wars begun cmon on johnny get yer gun

FiW and Rainbowdash Presents/Mentally Advanced is the best
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