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Page 673 — Adventure Timeshare

Got any stories about the campaign changing major locations or "home bases?"

We have some more Dynamic Duo, after many weeks of crappy delays! It contains a character people seem to love and I (jokingly) regret putting in.
Session 2 — The Dust Bowl: Libsyn YouTube

Applejack: What the hay are y'all doin' here?
Rarity: I assume we don't want to tip our hand… our hoof too early?
DM: She probably doesn't want to discuss the things you want to discuss.
Twilight Sparkle: We should be a LITTLE subtle, at least.
Rarity: Well, uh, Applejack, you made a "change of scenery" sound… quite appealing! Indeed, why not relocate to a new town and have some new adventures?
Pinkie Pie: Haha! Wouldn't that be amazing? If she came back and we were STILL in Dodge Junction for reasons?
Applejack: Y'all know this is temporary, right?
Rainbow Dash: Actually, that sounds kinda awesome. Frontier town, frontier justice… Forget breaking records; let's get to the Gala by becoming famous bounty hunters or something.
Fluttershy: There are, um, several problems with that, I think.
DM: You barely hear Applejack mutter something about "city slickers."
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