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Background Pony #8D79

There’s an expression that goes "everything but the kitchen sink" and then people include the kitchen sink for laughs. For example Super Smash Bros is said to have "everything but the kitchen sink" so some will include it in fake character selects (this goes back more then 15 years).

For Rainbow Dash, she was said to be shipped with "everything but the kitchen sink" so people starting making fanfiction and fanart shipping her with the kitchen sink. Then it picked up from there and became a meme.
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She called her MISS Philodendron.

Miss Phyllis Philodendron.

I thing it should count as lesbian, even if Phillys has totally the right to wear a jacket if she wants to.
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Background Pony #2702
How I think this happened.

Trixie: "Wow, Starlight. If you love that plant so much, why don’t you marry it?"
Starlight: "That’s a great idea, Trixie. Phyllis, let’s get married today!"
Trixie: "I was being sarcastic!"
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Bearded Dialogue Master
Priest: If anyone is against this union, please speak now or forever hold your peace.

Trixie could be heard struggling in her rope and gag in the background.
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