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A commission by MyBadBunny for my fanfic. It takes place shortly after the events of Forgotten Friendship. This is the full version of what will become the new cover photo for the story itself. Due to Fimfiction's rules regarding graphic nudity, the public version (with strategic censoring added) of it will be posted upon completion. You can read the story here.
explicit320181 artist:mybadbunny4 flash sentry12138 gilda9130 gloriosa daisy1756 timber spruce1883 honey badger10 skunk483 equestria girls181620 animal3452 balls67016 barefoot24563 breasts242273 cabin138 camp everfree259 camp naturally8 casual nudity5752 commission53419 fanfic art13166 feet34993 female907402 grass8283 human penis10857 lake1415 male308469 male feet790 nipples144953 nudist1614 nudist camp9 nudist gilda5 nudist gloriosa daisy42 nudity336581 penis138711 pubic hair7027 sentryosa23 shipping185163 sign3699 smiling217599 spruceilda2 straight122494 tree27819 vulva112807


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With some good news with those staying at a nudist camp when they tangle with a skunk and got sprayed when they won't have to worry about having their clothing reeking with skunk smell when by chance the skunk smell was to latch onto their skin.

With a chance timber spruce changed his mind on which direction camp ever-free was heading when Gloriosa daisy appeared nude. With him and Gilda along with flash sentry and Gloriosa daisy enjoyed their stay at a nudist camp when even a honey badger was to enjoy the view.