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Page 767 — The Party's Long Face

I like the observation that, over time, Rainbow Dash has become one of Fluttershy's biggest advocates. I seem to recall her being dismissive of her and having little patience for her antics in the first season.

In other news, I think I'm experiencing empty nest syndrome or something because <sigh> we just ran the epilogue for Fallout is Dragons on Sunday, and I'm feeling something I've put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into come to a conclusion. I'm going to try and rush out the epilogue session by Thursday so no one's waiting too long this week.

What's next? A short break from DMing, that's for sure, but after that… There's a whole bunch more worlds to explore. I guess we'll just pick one and see what happens.

Fluttershy: So, um, anyway. Does this mean that, um, they can stay at my place for a while?
DM: That seems to be the general plan.
Fluttershy: …Yay.
Twilight Sparkle: So what do we do while that's happening?
DM: Check on the tornado squad's training, get ready to start up the breeze again, that sort of thing.
Rainbow Dash: So we sit on the sidelines for a while, huh? Fiiine.
DM: Don't worry, you'll be back in the spotlight before too–
Rainbow Dash: Wait, that's perfect! The last time she got a big roleplaying scene, she took down a freaking dragon! Those Breezies don't stand a chance!
Fluttershy: Oh, dear… Don't remind me…
safe1679004 artist:newbiespud1408 edit129599 edited screencap63422 screencap218766 breezette48 fluttershy209816 lightning bolt933 pinkie pie213582 rainbow dash230941 spike77928 twilight sparkle297000 white lightning933 breezie2139 dragon54622 earth pony238651 pegasus281343 pony941485 unicorn311965 comic:friendship is dragons1569 anemometer59 baseball cap2026 blushing192972 cap4253 comic107257 dialogue63969 excited2936 female1338397 flying37352 frown22479 hat84552 male363421 mare467627 mushroom hat73 nervous5561 notepad495 one wing out301 quill2664 raised hoof44350 screencap comic4486 smiling240953 unicorn twilight16631 wings101572


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