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Bulletgold by Wooded-Wolf Tender Taps and Applebloom

This pair have a rather sweet story. They'd become good friends ever since Applebloom helped Tender Taps gain his cutie mark and truly tap (ha) into his love of dance. He continued to pour his heart and soul into his craft, while his friend continued to write success story after success story, sad, confused, and lost foals coming from her camp, not always with a brand-new cutie mark, but a new outlook on the search for one and a new drive to discover or continue to delve into their passion. Applebloom, in turn, gets to witness Taps flourish into a graceful, but energetic and skilled dancer. His own art form never fails to impress her, and she tries to make every show she can. One autumn festival in which Taps was performing before a good majority of Ponyville, Applebloom is quick to congratulate him backstage after receiving a thunderous applause. Taps sheepishly replies that he could have never done it without her help and support. From there, the two grow quite close, and eventually end up marrying. Tender Taps is a beloved, respected member of the Apples, and though his various tours take up a lot of his time, he's still very devoted to his family, including his energetic daughter Pippin.

Bulletsilver by Wooded-Wolf
Scootaloo and Rumble

As they grew up, Scootaloo became highly encouraging of Rumble and his various talents. He continued to not only practice his flying skills, now that he was doing it because he wanted to, but also taking a hoof in learning how to cook (also his decision, no way influenced by his big bro, nope not at all). Scoots continues to run the Cutie Mark Day Camp with Applebloom and Sweetie Belle, which they have evolved into the biggest friendship camp Ponyville has seen, and the girls stand as beloved counselors. Scootaloo is very proud of her work in helping foals that were just like her. And Rumble highly admires that trait about his fellow pegasus, observing her especially connecting with disabled or especially downtrodden little ones. They remained close friends throughout young adulthood. The day Rumble learns that the orange mare recently got official news from the doctor that her wings were permanently disabled and she will never fly. Rumble wants to help comfort the distraught pegasus and ends up approaching Rainbow Dash on how to do so. Dash relays her story about how she fell in love with Soarin, and that inspires Rumble. He repeats Soarin's words to Scootaloo, but means them as his own. Even though she can't fly, she's still pretty radical. From there, they never really grow apart. They marry, and have a son, Proud Skies.

Bulletbronze by Wooded-Wolf
Button Mash and Sweetie Belle

Oh, what can be said about this little pair? Sweetie Belle's story is a little bit shorter than her fellow CMC's. As she grew, she did indeed continue to develop the camp with her best friends. In-between such, she dreamed of building her singing career, and was encouraged of course to do so. Sapphire Shores herself even attended one of Sweetie's auditions for a local play and gave her quite a compliment. And although she was the member of the CMC that pined most for love, she was wonderfully oblivious to the advances of several colts not only in Ponyville, but Canterlot, and even Trottingham. Sweetie's voice is as beautiful as she is, but the determined filly just simply pursue a relationship. Until, however, she reunited with her old dorky gamer friend Button Mash. And to be honest, he hasn't changed a bit from their foalhood days. He's still that fantastically sweet, adorakable fella he always has been (though now he tries to claim himself as a "professional gamer"). Sweetie fell rather hard and fast (which of course Button reciprocated, albeit with a bit of bewilderment) and the two now have a rambunctious little daughter, Pixel Stream.

Bulletpink Pipsqueak and Diamond Tiara

"Eh. I liked the accent." <3

(Their son, Golden Strings)

Bulletsky Gallus and Gabriela

These two started to become close when Gallus was named Ambassador of Friendship between Griffinstone and Equestria. In turn, Gabby was elected as Griffinstone's own Ambassador as the rather stoic and snarky population begins to try and incorporate more empathy and compassion into their daily lives. The two understand where the other was coming from in feeling like an outsider, and bond over such. Once the Student Six, Gilda, and Grandpa Gruff catch wind of their fellow creatures' mutual crush, there was a lot of pushing, prodding, and "why are you being such a wuss" from either side. The two eventually, of course, do end up with one another. Gallus and Gabby live in Griffinstone together, continuing to help build a stronger and flourishing community as part of their leader board, and maintaining their jobs as Ambassadors. They also have a determined and boisterous son, Gavin.

Bulletcream Skeedaddle and Kettle Corn

This pair is one of Ponyville's most adorable. They're rarely seen apart and never go without a sweet nuzzle or a quick kiss to the cheek. Friends since foalhood, these two are quite cute together!
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Jonny Manz
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I am who I am
Yeah, can’t get behind the Gabbus (it’s fine, but Gallstream’s my OTP), but the other pairings seem good enough to me.

le grand rêveur
@The Equestrian Zodiac

scootaloo is a passionate person who lives her life in spite of her disability.
terramar is a generous person who cares about others.
it is less obvious I grant you it is the joy of scootaloo in seepony which partly motivates itself.

rumbel is a daredevil who loves to cook with passion.
smolder is strong but brings out her femininity when she has tea.
I think that his little fit between those two, they both have a strong and tender personality on the inside.

In my opinion gabby remains the second option for terramar.
for scootaloo/rumbel, this is still possible but you need a stronger change of rumbel for this.

le grand rêveur
tenderbloom that seems obvious.

rumbloo it’s for me it was a cute couple but I now see scootaloo with terramar. >>1928235 (swimming is like flying)
and on the other side rumble after its bad moves I now see it with smolder. >>1928236

sweetiemashthey’re pretty cool

piptiara yes monsieur le président

gabbus the I’m sorry but gallstream is obvious and normally gallus is the adoptive brother of gabby.

kedaddle yes it is cool