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Unreal love

Heyyy so, I been struggling with the eqqverse a lot recently n am in real bad art block so I just smother y'all in more of my garbage OTP hah
It's not nessecarily related to eqqverse but I still tossed the tag on bcs smooches

I generally don't do lineart, it takes forever and I'm not good enough at it that it makes a bit aesthetic difference ? So this is probably a one-off but it's a nice addition I think.

On more stuff about these two and my NG pop in over here:
safe1576813 artist:eqq_scremble90 derpibooru exclusive24384 applejack158941 discord28714 draconequus9036 earth pony199502 pony846699 eqqverse34 alternate design2199 alternate hairstyle24509 applecord30 beard3228 body freckles815 chromatic aberration1354 colored hooves4800 crack shipping3514 facial hair4991 female900318 freckles25454 kissing22471 male305880 mare416082 shipping184156 simple background346097 straight121774 unshorn fetlocks22224


not provided yet


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