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ponies part 2 but they got older part 1 here -→ X
safe1616737 artist:mangoshibi16 fizzlepop berrytwist9035 tempest shadow16167 twilight sparkle288438 alicorn206295 pony884542 unicorn285685 the last problem5041 armor22341 blushing182736 broken horn13203 eye scar4616 female1286958 gray background6318 hilarious in hindsight3080 horn52254 jewelry55362 lesbian91916 mare439867 nuzzling3747 older24367 princess twilight 2.01991 raised hoof40794 regalia17718 royal guard7158 scar10873 shipping188482 simple background361633 size difference12867 sparkles4007 tempest becomes a royal guard168 tempestlight3510 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118436


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Background Pony #9268
This ship is possible as well, I guess. They know each other pretty well since the 2017 movie.
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