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Page 967 — Suspect Subtlety

I wouldn't consider it that bad a plan, as these things go. Compared to some Fallout is Dragons shenanigans, this was actually kind of clever. But, alas, sometimes secret knowledge wins out.

Twilight Sparkle: So the million-dollar question is: How does Blueblood react to Pinkie Pie's exposition in song parody form?
Blueblood: Aha! Ahaha! Ahhhh…
Rarity: Hmph. That is the laugh one makes when you're trying to play off the fact that someone's got you completely pegged.
Fluttershy: Which means it wasn't actually covert, Pinkie…
Pinkie Pie: Whoops! Oh well!
Applejack: Wait, hold on! The only way he could know for sure is if–!
Blueblood: Well, "Raritina," could we step out into the hall for a moment?
Rarity: …That sounds like a wonderful idea…
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