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suggestive132570 artist:baron engel1854 princess celestia91152 twilight sparkle288215 alicorn205936 unicorn284961 anthro240050 unguligrade anthro44398 ass44709 butt41404 clothes425724 colored hooves5052 female1285605 grayscale35898 lesbian91821 mare439217 miniskirt4835 monochrome144789 paddle722 panties47348 pencil drawing7474 pleated skirt3997 shipping188257 simple background360924 size difference12839 sketch59038 skirt37007 skirt lift4560 smiling224405 spanking2518 thighs9904 traditional art111195 twibutt4920 twilestia2471 underwear57064 unicorn twilight14346 upskirt5492 white background90254


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I like that Celestia is still so much bigger then normal ponies even, even when she anthropomorphic. Like a mother walking among children just like in the show.