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Posting this separately from the two NSFW versions so folks blocking NSFW can take a look at it!

Ref sheet for a user who asked to remain anonymous of their albino changeling stud/brood stallion, Tineey! Also known as Twinkle!
suggestive131096 artist:champ88 oc617735 oc only413180 oc:tineey13 changeling42178 anthro236774 unguligrade anthro43657 albino changeling100 ass43940 belly button70073 bow25351 butt39243 changeling oc6712 clothes420346 denim shorts547 long tongue1869 looking at you150019 looking back51034 looking back at you12029 male339051 male nipples654 nudity338950 panties46727 pants12766 reference sheet10892 shirt22084 socks58636 solo993486 solo male24382 striped socks19722 tail bow4876 tongue out93392 underwear56322


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