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Posting this separately from the two NSFW versions so folks blocking NSFW can take a look at it!

Ref sheet for a user who asked to remain anonymous of their albino changeling stud/brood stallion, Tineey! Also known as Twinkle!
suggestive (115722)artist:rottenroadkill (80)oc (534739)oc only (368536)oc:tineey (6)anthro (204214)changeling (33497)unguligrade anthro (37962)albino changeling (77)ass (36689)belly button (60550)bow (19843)butt (11933)changeling oc (5551)clothes (362872)denim shorts (135)jean shorts (59)long tongue (1519)looking at you (123664)looking back (42812)looking back at you (8164)male (264068)nipples (122485)nudity (299838)panties (42195)pants (10104)reference sheet (8738)shirt (17607)socks (50013)solo (888566)solo male (21451)striped socks (16929)tail bow (3916)tongue out (77319)underwear (50461)


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