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Page 1035 — Neigh-Nothing Party, Part 1

Author: Me, Newbiespud!

So this is a three-page bit from Issue 11 of the mainline IDW comics. It's probably the first time Ogres and Oubliettes was established to exist in the MLP universe, so it makes interesting fodder here.

(Meanwhile, at an entirely different table…)
Gaffer: Gotta say, this whole "pony" thing is working out better than I thought.
8-bit: Yeah, it's kinda fun!
Poindexter: For you unicorns and pegasi, maybe. I'm still figuring out how my hooves are supposed to work.
Gaffer: Magnets, man. But seriously, no one is forcing you to play earth ponies. Certainly not two in a row – but who's counting?
Poindexter: You just wanted to describe a pony PC dying a grisly death.
Gaffer: How now. I'm not vindictive. I'm fair. Cute pony carnage is a perk.
Shining Armor: …
Gaffer: I've been meaning to ask: Does your sister know we're also playing her DM's homebrew?
Shining Armor: Uhh– No.
Poindexter: …Why not?
8-bit: Let's just say communications between camps has come to a long standstill.
Shining Armor: She hates my guts.
8-bit: Or just say that.
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