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The cover image to a silly clopfic I wrote.
safe (1444580)artist:dmann892 (191)princess cadance (28409)queen chrysalis (29712)alicorn (167246)changeling (33193)changeling queen (8080)pony (712434)and do a little shake (7)butt (11421)eye clipping through hair (2570)eyes on the prize (4322)fanfic art (11505)fangs (18099)female (774159)frown (19810)implied cadalis (6)implied lesbian (2583)implied shipping (3633)looking at something (1885)lovebutt (901)mare (344069)plot (65764)raised eyebrow (5456)solo focus (12642)


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Background Pony #CD95
Go for it, Chrysalis. Make her yours. Still surprised we see so little Cadalis art.
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