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A commission from TheBrokenCOG- from the actual commissioner.
source needed13300 suggestive127912 artist:thebrokencog807 fleur-de-lis3334 rarity169607 human141953 equestria girls179975 bikini15775 breasts239333 busty fleur-de-lis441 busty rarity10947 canterlot club17 clothes408635 commission51868 dress39512 drool22431 drool string5084 female898297 fleurity54 french kiss1572 humanized94024 kissing22432 lesbian92164 shipping183856 skintight clothes702 sloppy kissing1535 swimsuit24681


not provided yet


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7 comments posted

It could be on the verge of being re-tagged as "explicit" when fleur De-Lis is fondled while wearing her skin tight dress by rarity when the pair is to do some hot lesbian action.
Background Pony #50AD
I think it's supposed to be a saliva trail, but it looks like their tongues are connected but a weird rope of tongue tissue… 8I