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safe1616727 artist:naomiknight17184 derpy hooves48658 doctor whooves10415 time turner10411 earth pony216362 pegasus257670 pony884524 lovestruck derpy371 animated94209 ask24328 blushing182734 blushing profusely1778 crossover59320 doctor who3429 doctorderpy1460 female1286938 floppy ears47870 gif28864 male344173 mare439857 shipping188473 sonic screwdriver584 stallion97943 straight127933 the doctor1260 tumblr34698


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Looming over and kissing a girl whom you don't have an established romantic relationship with while she's asleep.
Now, in which world does that seems like an adorable thing and not creepy?
If she doesn't feel the same, she certainly won't after she finds this out.
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