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Page 1178 - Tails of Empire, Part 3
Author: ChrisTheS
Guest Author’s Note: “I have no idea if these tweaks would actually work. I went looking to see if anyone had put up house rules for 4e PvP and these were the only ones I could find.
All of RD’s ‘bad GM’ moments are personal anecdotes. I don’t really like memorizing rules, so I tend to leave that to the people who prefer such things, and either deferring to them on rules calls or overriding the rule if it doesn’t make sense in the moment. This works fine most of the time… up until you try to play Paranoia.”
RD: C’mon, we haven’t had a great fight like that for ages.
FS: We all nearly died.
RD: Yeah, nearly. Nearly isn’t actually.
AJ: So. Y’all had lotsa fun without us?
RD: Oh. Right. We kind of left you two hanging, didn’t we?
AJ: Nah, s’all good. Ah came up with one mother of a scheme while all y’all were busy.
AJ: We nipped ahead a few jumps and set up an interdictor generator. Next failed challenge, y’all’ll hit it an’ get dragged outta hyperspace.
RT: Lovely. We do have time to take an extended rest first, I trust?
RD: Yeah, sure, heal up.
AJ: Ahoy thar! Plunder off th’ port bow!
GM: Wuf wuf, cap’n!
AJ: Ramming speed! Prepare fer boardin’!
RD: Sweet! OK, Moonlight, what’s your ship’s AC?
RT: 24.
FS: Wait… I use bolster armor on the hull. That should make it 25?
AJ: Rolled a 26 anyhow. ‘less you wanna take that +4 now?
RT: Oh, I don’t think so. Bring it, churl.
RD: OK… the other two aren’t in this fight, so you can play a random crew member on each side.
Hey, where’d you get all these sweet custom minis?
GM: I have a friend with a 3D printer.
AJ: “Give up, Moonlight! Yer no match fer me hearty pirate crew!”
RT: “Ha! I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!”
GM: … I’m a five foot tall Rottweiler…
TS: So how does this system work for PvP?
GM: It doesn’t.
RD: It’ll be fine for a one-off.
GM: I mean, there are no rules. We’re pretty much improvising here.
RD: Nuh-uh. We came up with actual rules and everything!
TS: “We?”
RD: OK, she did.
AJ: Pretty simple, really. Reroll initiative each round, no action points vs. PCs, players take half damage from dailies. Doesn’t cover all th’ bases, but good enough for this. Sound OK?
GM: I guess we’re about to find out. roll
RD: …!!
GM: My first initiative is… 17.
RD: …I wanted to say the thing again…
AJ: Ah made cards outta our character portraits. We can just shuffle ‘em around each turn to keep track.
GM: Good idea.
FS: Looks like I’m going first? Um… would I have had time to set up a trap?
RD: Y—
TS: It would’ve probably taken at least two rounds for the boarders to cross.
RD: Er… guys…?
AJ: Eh, ah guess. Mah passive perception’s 18 ta spot it.
FS: Ok… roll
PP: Nice! Crit on your first hit! Criticals work the same, right?
RD: You know… I think I hear Kirby calling my name.
safe1861326 artist:christhes148 rainbow dash249395 oc777357 oc:dogga the mutt4 oc:pale moonlight5 oc:sunrider5 oc:wind whistler14 bat pony58324 earth pony313135 pegasus356179 pony1205590 anthro292348 digitigrade anthro2153 comic:friendship is dragons1722 armor25941 bandana5856 bat pony oc22151 camera shot1380 collaboration5865 comic117639 crossover66235 dialogue73651 fangs29878 fight6541 flying43045 grin47104 gun17446 hat99443 helmet12263 implied applejack784 implied fluttershy714 implied pinkie pie834 implied rarity1233 implied twilight sparkle2104 knife5892 mouth hold19665 pirate2582 pirate hat638 sitting71923 smiling297067 space5479 spaceship909 star wars3408 stars18195 tongue out118349 weapon34003 wing gesture54 wing hands2328 wings148820


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