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safe1615195 screencap210748 bon appétit20 gourmand ramsay77 jonagold133 marmalade jalapeno popette134 ruby slippers (pony)11 dog8837 earth pony215781 pony882881 unicorn285066 growing up is hard to do1371 animal3719 animation error1903 apple family member2606 background pony9627 balloon9753 basket2781 butt41432 candy6387 clothes425793 dorothy gale33 dress41119 female1285794 food64261 food cart22 gordon ramsay135 hat79489 hay1473 hiding1339 layering error4 male343680 pantaloons9 plot73064 ponified38985 reference3994 ruby slippers11 running5461 scared9732 skirt37009 technically an upskirt shot88 the wizard of oz185 unnamed pony1945 upskirt5492


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What's this show gonna reference next, The Iron Giant? …I mean, that's extremely unlikely, since the show's at it's end, but still.
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