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suggestive188616 artist:xkaix250156 shining armor27673 twilight sparkle354567 human240625 pony1581345 unicorn528298 g42006517 abs15579 biting5190 blushing268775 briefs752 clothes625271 female1780190 floppy ears71869 hoers4590 horses doing horse things1506 human male8558 human male on mare4477 human on pony action12916 humanized118089 imminent sex10479 incest17660 infidelity9807 interspecies31219 interspecies incest93 magic95473 magical stimulation1918 male542721 mare727636 muscles18629 muscular female4320 pony sized pony198 ship:shiningsparkle1818 shipping251118 simple background585173 straight176473 twicest1747 twilight muscle580 underwear77757


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Background Pony #93D7
I believe you got the downvotes for not conforming to the niche art style of this site.  
People come here to look at crudely draw highly abstracted cartoon ponies.

Neither upvotes nor downvotes matter if the majority or people who come to this website have terrible taste.  
Besides art is about expressing yourself honesty not catering to the masses (unless it’s a flaw or you like the ideas given). If people ain’t satisfied tell them to pay you for their desired renditions.  
Your drawing requires more expertise and is superior even to some drawings which have more upvotes than yours.
Background Pony #1068
I think the muscles are actually a nice touch but yeah, you can’t please everyone.
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Artist -
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Thanks for comments!  
May I ask you guys Why this got so many downvotes?  
Too much muscle?  
Maybe I added my prefference too much.  
Anyway I’ll take the opinions as reference and perhaps this sequel will reflect them.