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Vector edit of

suggestive188699 artist:dirty mike607 edit171198 edited edit2915 vector edit4337 sunset shimmer78397 equestria girls253208 g42006835 adorasexy12590 ass80740 bikini25247 blushing268894 blushing profusely3270 bra21482 breasts385146 bunset shimmer2822 butt226755 clothes625516 cute263203 embarrassed15075 embarrassed nude exposure2810 embarrassed underwear exposure1009 exposure58 female1780842 jungle girl126 loincloth1700 loincloth edit6 looking at you254492 looking back84947 looking back at you28793 looking over shoulder4666 miniskirt6810 nudity505179 partial nudity28847 red face415 sexy45239 sheepish grin433 skirt54606 smiling389790 solo1409576 solo female231934 swimsuit38618 torn clothes6826 underwear77771 vector89305


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Background Pony #89D5
You woke up and find yourself in a jungle. You hear the sound of rustling. You look up to see the intruder.
Sunset Shimmer: “AH! Oh. Uh, hi…”
There was a moment of awkward silence, with crickets chirping in the background.
Sunset Shimmer: “I’m sorry for…disturbing you. I was hungry and…I…I’ll just hunt somewhere else if…Oh? You’re inviting me to stay? Th-Thank you!”
You got a fire going as you share a meal with Sunset.
Sunset Shimmer: “I have to say, it’s nice to finally meet someone. Haven’t seen any other humans for ages since…my plane crashed…I was on a school trip. We were flying over the jungle when…I can’t remember what just happened, but…something happened and the plane just crashed. When I woke up…I was all alone.”
The fire danced as you and Sunset eat your meals together.
Sunset Shimmer: “Look, I know it’s kinda hard for you, but…Can you please…try not to stare so much? It’s kind of…all I’ve got on me now…”
Sunset Shimmer: “Yeah. It kinda does show off the jungle girl of me. But, can you please don’t stare? It’s embarrassing.” (Giggles) “Apology accepted. Though, pray tell, how long have I been out here? My trip was in September…”
Background Pony #CDC8
Sunset: “Uh, hi….look, I know it’s kinda hard for you, but….can you please…try not to stare so much? It’s kind of…all I’ve got on me now…”