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Meant to get this done and posted last week. Well better late than never. Last week I saw several postings referring to Celestia in a bunnysuit, or Bunnylestia. Well here’s my take on it. full
I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon. full
safe1898049 artist:baron engel2308 princess celestia102261 alicorn260479 anthro299608 unguligrade anthro55729 armpits44678 bowtie12107 breasts323693 bunny ears4240 bunny suit2931 bunnylestia275 busty princess celestia11671 cleavage39161 clothes532764 colored hooves8149 cutie mark51726 female1535197 gloves23793 grayscale42344 hoof shoes6999 leggings2513 leotard5474 mare577263 monochrome159975 pencil drawing9246 simple background471829 solo1209568 spread wings68856 stupid sexy celestia1824 traditional art127472 white background120698 wings158086


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