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mannnn I really like the girlie with the two toned pink hair, its such a cute hair style might remake herrrr
Oof this is a weird thing but o well
Pink with half pink half brown hair: Molly (Rutherford and Pinkie Pie), Brown with pink and brown hair: Penelope (Rutherford and Pinkie Pie), Purple hair: Rock Candy (Shining Armor and Pinkie Pie), Blues and pink hair: Candy Shield (Shining Armor and Pinkie Pie), Two toned pink hair: Party Cheese (Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie), Horn boi: Jack (Rutherford and Pinkie Pie)

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safe1554809 artist:justanotherfan-trash7 oc593207 oc only403959 oc:candy shield1 oc:jack77 oc:molly78 oc:party cheese1 oc:penelope44 oc:rock candy52 earth pony190244 hybrid14723 original species22702 pony826013 unicorn257100 yakony71 brother and sister3453 cloven hooves8675 ear piercing20836 earring17335 female878870 green background1795 hair over one eye8004 half-siblings584 interspecies offspring6179 jewelry48974 male298882 offspring33611 on back22003 parent:cheese sandwich1584 parent:pinkie pie3512 parent:prince rutherford64 parent:shining armor1176 parents:cheesepie1366 parents:pinkieford25 parents:shiningpie9 piercing33787 siblings5651 simple background337506 sisters6999


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Background Pony #CFE8
My headcanon is Pinkie Pie eventually has kids with every notable male character.