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safe1636836 artist:harwick257 pinkie pie209662 twilight sparkle291388 earth pony222935 pony901919 unicorn294019 alternate timeline2801 alternate universe9968 book31951 bookshelf3346 bouquet904 castle1916 cute189245 date829 date night63 diapinkes9312 eating9141 fanfic10291 fanfic art13663 fanfic cover1203 female1302792 flower23839 food65796 fork844 glowing horn18195 holding2834 horn55388 lesbian92925 levitation11387 magic69613 magic aura3484 mare448475 moon22485 night24712 pancakes1271 shipping191215 sitting58877 smiling229608 standing11203 surprised8700 table8684 telekinesis26176 twinkie1722 unicorn twilight15194


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The magic's gone :-(
Original description:
Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I enjoy working with the creative types over at FimFiction, and I have a few illustrative and cover works that haven't yet made it into my gallery to share. First up is this one, illustrating a scene from the fanfic "A Beautiful Night" by Mr. Numbers.

This is an on-going alternate universe story (one of my favorite genres) where Nightmare Moon won and the world has known eternal night ever since. Unexpectedly, the magic of Equestria is proving to be surprisingly adaptive, as are the ponies who have gradually tried to accept their new reality. However, sequestered away in the ruins of the Castle of the Two Sisters and grappling with the crushing weight of her failure, Twilight Sparkle hasn't given up on restoring the sun… and Pinkie Pie hasn't given up on Twilight Sparkle.

I definitely recommend checking it out. And if Vinyl and Octavia are more your speed, there's a new spin-off titled Cinéma Vérité set in the same sunless universe.

Like my artwork and feeling generous? Consider visiting my Patreon at There, Patreons can check out the rough done for this work if they're curious about such things.
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Background Pony #B6D4
I assume the setting makes more sense if you read the story but I haven't so I had to guess for the tags.