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safe1574869 artist:velveagicsentryyt365 twilight sparkle282619 oc604524 oc:galaxy swirls142 oc:starbreaker23 oc:velvet sentry170 alicorn195165 pegasus239378 pony845209 unicorn265899 the last problem4140 female898642 male305294 mare415181 offspring34368 parent:flash sentry2554 parent:twilight sparkle7316 parents:flashlight2196 princess twilight 2.01615 stallion92604 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115163


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7 comments posted
Background Pony #AAFD
GS:Mom, ¿What the heck?
¿Why are you more big??

Twilight:Hasbro son…Hasbro
Background Pony #CFFB
I praise Tempestlight, Twispike or Discolight or Twi whatever but somepony who she never met, better
Background Pony #CFFB
@Background Pony #DD9A
I agree, Twilight isn't ready to be a mother at all, heck no sign of Flash in the finale, just look back at the good old Celestia dammit! I can't believe people can still ship this sunken ship.
Background Pony #461F
I'm sorry but Twily's posture makes her look like an OC that's slapped onto a YouTube thumbnail.