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safe2115847 artist:emberslament526 big macintosh32783 bon bon18504 bright mac1679 discord36608 fluttershy251839 gallus8893 lyra heartstrings33470 pear butter3690 pinkie pie249817 princess cadance38844 princess skystar2454 sandbar6722 shining armor27163 silverstream7589 sugar belle3687 sweetie drops18504 yona6337 oc915752 oc:bay breeze935 alicorn302325 classical hippogriff6314 earth pony422158 griffon35657 hippogriff13229 pegasus470564 pony1476969 seapony (g4)6743 unicorn511715 yak6143 g41642632 my little pony: the movie21214 adorabon852 best friends864 brightabetes80 clothes610767 comic132189 crown28547 cute256750 cutedance1548 dialogue88835 diastreamies1360 discute1217 female1737576 foal40175 gallabetes991 hilarious in hindsight3769 jewelry106566 just friends165 lesbian114687 lyrabetes1725 macabetes619 male528584 mare701813 offscreen character49471 pearabetes397 pegasus oc32777 princess of love181 princess of shipping135 regalia34613 rest in peace436 sandabetes819 scarf30821 shared clothing880 shared scarf778 shining adorable664 ship:brightbutter938 ship:discoshy3619 ship:gallstream535 ship:lyrabon3950 ship:shiningcadance3318 ship:skypie208 ship:sugarmac1005 ship:yonabar419 shipper on deck1633 shipping245715 skyabetes211 stallion183597 straight172262 sugarbetes238 teenager6895 text85333 wall of tags6257 yonadorable956


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Background Pony #5B7B
Yes, Cadance, do your shipping job right this time, tho.
Ps: Full of acceptable and good ships, I have to admit.
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@Background Pony #8A57  
Only in your opinion because you don’t like it. It is canon for most of the fandom. The alternative is Fluttershy becoming an old cat lady who never get to have a family.
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Great art, but considering almost all of those ships are canon, OP doesn’t really have to win Cadance over. I know I wish MY favorite ships were this canon