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safe1581044 artist:emberslament235 big macintosh26710 bon bon15465 bright mac1141 discord28720 fluttershy198857 gallus5897 lyra heartstrings28050 pear butter2462 pinkie pie203953 princess cadance30339 princess skystar1795 sandbar4692 shining armor21698 silverstream5352 sugar belle2699 sweetie drops15465 yona4511 oc606125 oc:bay breeze518 alicorn197204 classical hippogriff4491 earth pony201866 griffon24735 hippogriff8398 pegasus243268 pony849791 seapony (g4)3700 unicorn269756 yak3901 my little pony: the movie17954 adorabon610 best friends605 brightabetes49 brightbutter722 clothes411856 comic100913 crown14315 cute179007 cutedance1060 dialogue59812 diastreamies1121 discoshy2539 discute997 female925587 foal14893 gallabetes801 gallstream344 jewelry51948 just friends142 lesbian91648 lyrabetes1230 lyrabon3117 macabetes472 male307361 mare418079 offscreen character29741 pearabetes268 pegasus oc4817 princess of love107 regalia16668 rest in peace309 sandabetes617 scarf20988 shared clothing610 shared scarf532 shining adorable514 shiningcadance2406 shipper on deck1385 shipping183987 skyabetes162 skypie160 stallion93473 straight121679 sugarbetes169 sugarmac687 teenager4332 text51439 wall of tags2431 yonabar265 yonadorable704


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Background Pony #CF71
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Background Pony #5B7B
Yes, Cadance, do your shipping job right this time, tho.

Ps: Full of acceptable and good ships, I have to admit.
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Background Pony #CF71
@Background Pony #8A57
Only in your opinion because you don't like it. It is canon for most of the fandom. The alternative is Fluttershy becoming an old cat lady who never get to have a family.

Loving fan and shipper
Great art, but considering almost all of those ships are canon, OP doesn't really have to win Cadance over. I know I wish MY favorite ships were this canon