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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Artist's description:
I decided to recreate a sketch from my notebook and choose to keep the same style as the flutterjack sketch. I like the style but I definitely didn't give myself enough time to finish. It's super rushed but it's a nice doodle.
safe1574554 artist:antimationyt65 fluttershy197688 princess celestia89982 alicorn195098 butterfly6284 pegasus239297 pony845044 blushing175694 duo49325 female898420 floppy ears46595 flutterlestia71 folded wings4597 heart43139 height difference529 lesbian92166 looking at each other16348 looking down6757 looking up14112 mare415116 no pupils3479 shipping183868 simple background345305 smiling214721 standing10132 standing over28 wings75820


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