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Page 1278 — Mob Mentality

"You really think somepony would do that? Just take over the school and tell lies?"

Note: Now accepting guest comics! Details and rules here. Deadline: October 25th.

Cozy Glow: Fine. Forget the monologue. They're going to blow up the school! STOP THEM!!
Sandbar (AJ): No! We're going to try and fix this! But just in case, GET CLEAR!
DM: Hmm… Make a Persuasion check.
Sandbar (AJ): C'mon, c'mon… <roll> Ehhhhh, 14?
Gallus (RD): Does my little speech give a bonus?
DM: Maybe.
Ocellus (TS): Is it at least enough to stop the charge?
DM: There is hesitance and confusion, yes. This is an adventuring school, so your bravado certainly reminds them of their lessons… but Cozy Glow wouldn't LIE to them, would she? She's been so nice…!
Smolder (RT): That won't last long. Let's go for the artifacts NOW.
DM: Sure. You have enough initiative for a surprise round.
Yona (FS): Here go nothing…
safe1554915 artist:newbiespud1270 edit114514 edited screencap53937 screencap195116 auburn vision207 berry blend361 berry bliss361 candy grapes27 citrine spark315 cozy glow5658 dawnlighter61 fire flicker98 fire quacker315 gallus5625 golden crust126 goldy wings61 green sprout27 huckleberry297 indigo daze24 midnight snack (character)144 november rain494 ocarina green47 ocellus4383 peppermint goldylinks359 sandbar4540 silverstream5157 smolder6408 strawberry scoop192 sugar maple107 summer breeze185 summer meadow137 tune-up49 yona4353 changedling7098 changeling39010 classical hippogriff4361 dragon46560 earth pony190270 griffon24398 hippogriff8097 pegasus232237 pony826087 unicorn257135 yak3735 comic:friendship is dragons1428 school raze2135 background pony8882 background pony audience333 colt13126 comic99910 cozy glow is not amused416 crossed arms4074 dialogue58797 dragoness6473 female878971 filly58402 flying33715 freckles24734 friendship student1348 frown21345 gallus is not amused117 magic64472 magic circle723 male298896 mare403945 ocellus is not amused55 pointing3615 raised hoof37864 screencap comic4098 silverstream is not amused18 smolder is not amused136 stallion90279 student six1400 teenager4204 unamused13351 worried3336 yona is not amused50


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