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"Here, the artist tried to convey Cutie Mark Crusaders' feelings and their wish to control their own lives."
safe (1502760) edit (108133) edited screencap (49859) screencap (187023) apple bloom (45177) princess cadance (29300) scootaloo (47973) shining armor (20968) spearhead (125) sweetie belle (45352) pony (779919) a flurry of emotions (1149) growing up is hard to do (930) spoiler:s09e22 (933) being big is all it takes (78) camera (3332) cropped (40266) cutie mark crusaders (16930) moderate dark skin (654) older (20993) older apple bloom (1384) older scootaloo (1431) older sweetie belle (1520) symbolism (89)


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