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Well, I promised the gym leaders of the Equestria region (I think it's the first time he called the region like that but ok) and we started with a young man of few words: Big Mac.

"The older brother of Applejack, and gym leader of Ponyville. The gym is the entire Sweet Apple Acres farm, and the Apple family has held the position of gym leader for generations. Following the loss of Bright Mac and Pear Butter, Granny Smith resumed the position for a while, until Big Mac was old enough to fill it in. When his sister also has the possibility, they will discuss the position. Despite this rivalry, they love each other immensely.

An expert ground-type pokemon trainer, he is a difficult opponent for anyone who is not prepared. He is a respectful and hardworking young man but few words. When he is not fighting, he works on the family farm with the help of his pokemon, who apart from strong, are prepared to work on the farm."

Well, that would be a brief description. As you will see, here we go to three pokemon instead of just two. Well, this is going to be with most of the gym leaders. When I upload four of them, I will update the protagonists and give them some extra pokemon, to symbolize the journey and blah blah blah. I decided on ground-type in principle for Mudsdale, immediately associating it with Big Mac and the rock-type as it did not fit (and I have it prepared for another leader). Season 9 literally gave me Torterra with other colors, so it wasn't a lot of thinking ("Ground-type Pokemon + Trees = Perfect"). Diglett, despite its simple appearance, I think it was the one that gave me the most trouble, because I literally didn't know which third pokemon to do. Luckily, the Alola Diglett (I don't know if it shows that it is the Alola version) in lore is supposed to help in cultivating the land.

Until next time. I hope you liked it!
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls (C) Hasbro Studios.
Pokemon © Nintendo
Characters (Big Mac, Mudsdale, Torterra, Alolan Diglett) goes to their respective owners, I own nothing but the image.
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