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Background Pony #FAF4
Twilight: Star Tracker is Too young for me and we only friends, Nothing more and Nothing less, Flash is colt friend and he very helpful too and charming and cute and he very good on guitar and electric guitar!(and she lose in her mind)
Background Pony #08D7
I don't really care much about Pony!FlashLight romance. But I hope Pony!Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle will interact as friends in the upcoming Season 10 comic books.
Artist -

To an extent. Remember there are still the comics that Flash can show up in, which is sort of cannon. But, yeah, the fandom is pretty much free to create branches of lore off the show, create original stories and develop characters more, and some trends might catch on, kind of like how Derpy became what she is today, and Berry Punch, and Special Agent Sweetie Drops.
Background Pony #4D3E
They’re both rather forgettable characters to me. That being said, its just a kids cartoon. Lighten up everyone.
Background Pony #E2DB
Star is a little too young, that and he needs to learn the meaning of personal space.

We keep saying that Star was a stalker when he was never that?
because as "argument" it does not work and as a joke is tired
Background Pony #E2DB
being socially awkward doesn't make you a bad character the same twilight was … let's not be hypocritical in that

human flash is inconsistent and misspelled .. as mary jane (sam raimi) created to be a trophy but ironically he is better after EG, without twilight
Artist -

@Derpy Whooves
Yeah, while under the influence of the Sirens'magic. Maybe YOU need to watch it again?

But yeah, this argument is gettind stupid. Everyone needs a heafty dose of chill.

I mentioned this before, but Flash is just another character that fell victim to not enough screen time to really develop his character. He does still hold potential to be a great character, but he needs to be more in the spotlight in order to develop his character more. The show is over, unfortunately, but I wouldn't mind seeing him in the comic, and maybe see more of what he has to offer.
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Dude, one example. Just give ONE example from the show that does not fall in the overly charming, practically perfect, guitar playing, pretty-boy, delightfully awkward in love, ideal Ken doll boyfriend cliche character that is in practically every teen show. Just mention one scene that he doesn't fall into that category. You can't, because there isn't one.

Have you even watched the show? He fucking crushed Twilight's feelings with no remorse.

As for the rest of this thread, if everyone could please chill that would be nice.

It's just a cartoon.