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Tempest and Starlight have reverted back to some of their old tendencies.
Looks like it's up the Princess of Friendship to remind her friends whats really important.

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safe1601454 artist:wispy tuft98 fizzlepop berrytwist8977 princess celestia90529 spike75148 starlight glimmer45161 tempest shadow16026 twilight sparkle286258 alicorn202902 dragon49891 pony870119 unicorn279409 angry24694 argument753 bickering34 broken horn13096 chubby12899 communism744 dead3857 ethereal mane6844 eye scar4561 fascism73 female1273875 hilarious in hindsight3064 hoof shoes4435 horn49794 male338852 mare433193 monarch15 monarchy4 political adventure in the comments6 politics1314 queen597 queen celestia41 s5 starlight1541 scar10642 silly7033 skull2754 skulls for the skull throne10 slouch of villainy5 stalin glimmer428 starry mane3487 this will end in communism250 throne2882 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117378 tyrant celestia328


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Unabashed Furry & Brony
So, changing the subject from politics to something else, why is this tagged with "tubby wubby pony waifu"?
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