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Not canon~ More of an AU type of thing!


- After being transferred to the Crystal Empire for military work, Tempest soon climbs up the rankings and becomes Cadence's official royal guard, taking the place of Flash Sentry. Flash is not demoted- he becomes the Head Chief of the Empire's military. In a world where Shining Armor simply doesn't exist, Cadenza rules the Crystal Empire as its Queen.

- Did the Storm King's rule happen? Did Sombra's return happen? I'd like to think this is a time where neither occurred, and Cadence uncovered the Empire and its lost citizens. Tempest still loses her horn, but never leaves Equestria because of it. She's much less muscular since she doesn't have to undergo harsh training with the Storm King Troops, but she's still a strong warrior nonetheless.

- Cadence and Tempest spend a lot of time together, since Tempest is basically assigned to her, but Tempest never liked the idea of being a stone-cold, straight-faced protector. Being Cadence's royal guard should mean she genuinely cares for the Queen. She started small- asking her questions to show her interest, smiling at her when she passed by. The friendship grew slowly. But then it turned into "you can stay in my room" when the night was a little too dark to be alone. Tempest is extremely protective of her Queen, and soon starts to realize that she doesn't just love her. She's in love with her.

She couldn't act on these feelings, could she? Would it be dishonorable? She wasn't supposed to grow this close to Cadence. But they were on a first name basis, they often slept beside each other on cold nights, and they'd even paint each other's hooves. Maybe… Maybe Cadence felt the same way?

It was Hearts and Hooves Day, and Celestia had made the sunset especially beautiful for the occasion. Tempest had been finding it hard to interact with Cadence for the past few weeks. And in keeping the secret, she felt that she was starting to distance herself from Cadence. She couldn't let her guard down, and she couldn't love Cadence. She was meant to be her royal guard. Maybe friends, but nothing more.

Cadence surprises her with a gift on the love-filled holiday. She kisses the unsuspecting Tempest, and they watch the sunset for the rest of the night. Maybe, just maybe, this is the start of something new.

- Cadence tries her hardest to find a spell that'll let Tempest live forever, since Cadence is an alicorn, one of few immortal species. She never does, but the two go on to marry. While pony lives are typically very long-lasting (Granny Smith is way younger than one might think), Tempest still passes. The years Cadence spent with Tempest were the best of her life, and she never takes on another mate again.

- In this AU, Tempest's name is still Fizzlepop. Tempest Shadow is her given guard name. In the canon world, Tempest chooses to change her name. Similar to the Divergent series, all those loyal to the Storm King are given the chance to change their name- but only once.


A sappy ship with a sappy story! I thought of this pairing out of nowhere and immediately fell in love. I love the dynamic they could have if they were to ever meet <3

Neither Shining Armor nor Flurry Heart exist in this AU. Twilight does, but she resides in Canterlot and never becomes an alicorn. She's Celestia's royal advisor!

Played around with their colors/markings/overall designs.

Thanks for checking this out (:


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