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What will Valencia wear while her clothes are getting cleaned?

"Why a diaper, darling"- Rarity

not provided yet


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@Phantom Rider
Knowing rarity as after vignette Valencia’s incident in which she couldn’t get to a washroom in time before relieving herself as with shorts those have a wet spot and urine stains dripping down their legs. As rarity knows after the incident she has the opportunity to design a new outfit for vignette Valencia when by chance she was to be naked in rarity’s studio when she was to design and make the new outfit.
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Phantom Rider's avatar
Phantom Rider
You are already booped.
Having it drip off of her jacket thingy as well as it would’ve hung in the way is a nice touch! Also, knowing Rarity, her excitement is less being into this and more "I get to creatively re-dress someone!"

@The Dark Pony
I never fetishized her before but I love a jean shorts wetting.

Those are the best! With shorts, you get wet clothing and pee running down legs at once!
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(Previously known as Lawrence Alpaca)

All the clothes went in the bag.

So there was a 6’5" women standing around naked for a while before Rarity actually got the adult diaper.

She has a mole on her butt too, but all her followers already knew that.
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those hope vignette Valencia goes nude after her incident in which she couldn’t get to a washroom in time before she relieved herself wetting her shorts when there is urine stains running down her legs as everything including her tube top and scarf had to be washed.
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