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To celebrate MLP’s 9th anniversary, here’s a montage of Twilight and Spike’s adventures through the seasons.

safe2152147 artist:red45671070 angel bunny11262 apple bloom59555 applejack198648 boulder (g4)1476 capper dapperpaws1796 clover the clever439 cozy glow9471 crackle369 cup cake4887 derpy hooves57002 diamond tiara11740 discord37229 fido605 fluttershy255850 gabby3150 gallus9013 gummy5640 humdrum558 lord tirek6246 masked matter-horn976 maud pie14820 moondancer6009 ocellus6753 owlowiscious2203 pinkie pie253409 pipsqueak3175 pound cake3005 princess cadance39488 princess celestia111743 princess ember8564 princess flurry heart9440 princess luna116209 princess skystar2479 queen chrysalis41764 rainbow dash277041 rarity215676 rockhoof1346 sandbar6793 scootaloo58387 shining armor27657 silver spoon7476 silverstream7656 sludge (g4)393 smolder11193 smooze685 somnambula2396 spike91711 spitfire15597 star swirl the bearded2315 starlight glimmer59308 sunburst8723 sweetie belle56311 tank3094 tempest shadow18915 thorax5429 trixie78916 twilight sparkle354409 yona6388 alicorn309614 bat pony73568 bird13537 breezie2793 bugbear220 changedling11308 changeling65006 diamond dog4066 dog13401 dragon84076 earth pony436934 griffon36266 human240410 parasprite2251 pegasus487028 pony1580012 unicorn527764 yak6200 28 pranks later1093 a canterlot wedding3644 a dog and pony show779 a flurry of emotions1361 a health of information580 a matter of principals1242 a rockhoof and a hard place882 a royal problem2382 a trivial pursuit1288 amending fences1410 applebuck season1088 applejack's "day" off643 bats!1894 best gift ever2668 between dark and dawn1980 boast busters1351 bridle gossip1065 castle mane-ia984 castle sweet castle1476 celestial advice1276 crusaders of the lost mark1774 do princesses dream of magic sheep1376 dragon dropped1285 dragon quest1075 equestria girls253070 equestria girls (movie)9011 every little thing she does1065 fake it 'til you make it1198 fall weather friends934 fame and misfortune1204 family appreciation day642 father knows beast994 feeling pinkie keen1043 friendship is magic3821 g42004863 games ponies play1233 gauntlet of fire1542 green isn't your color1101 hearth's warming eve (episode)790 horse play1055 inspiration manifestation942 it ain't easy being breezies992 it isn't the mane thing about you1312 it's about time951 just for sidekicks1046 keep calm and flutter on1226 lesson zero1839 luna eclipsed1863 magic duel2464 magical mystery cure2884 make new friends but keep discord2265 marks for effort1328 maud pie (episode)1379 may the best pet win977 molt down1019 my little pony: the movie21377 newbie dash1179 no second prances2062 non-compete clause869 once upon a zeppelin941 owl's well that ends well524 ppov998 princess spike775 princess twilight sparkle (episode)3027 scare master1091 school daze3156 school raze2578 secret of my excess952 shadow play1467 she's all yak1309 slice of life (episode)1987 sparkle's seven1821 spike at your service1194 swarm of the century888 sweet and smoky1085 tanks for the memories1614 testing testing 1-2-31547 the beginning of the end2444 the best night ever1778 the crystal empire3340 the crystalling2408 the cutie map4361 the cutie re-mark3511 the end in friend1239 the ending of the end3695 the hearth's warming club1081 the last problem7982 the last roundup1323 the mane attraction1310 the one where pinkie pie knows947 the point of no return1107 the return of harmony2364 the summer sun setback1215 the ticket master1238 the times they are a changeling1023 three's a crowd1489 to where and back again3064 too many pinkie pies2072 trade ya1013 triple threat1140 twilight time982 twilight's kingdom3616 uncommon bond890 what about discord?814 what lies beneath1854 winter wrap up1368 3d120680 accordion362 alicorn amulet2178 alternate hairstyle37151 angry36218 animated124687 ballerina1219 banjo389 barrel2162 bat ponified4768 beefspike492 behaving like a moth67 big crown thingy3131 blue flu353 bongos179 book42914 butt touch7840 butthug476 cage1282 candle6912 clothes624643 cocoon816 colt20309 comic book742 cookie zombie285 crystal4106 cup8869 cutie mark51523 cutie mark crusaders22203 cymbals234 dragon egg260 dress60912 drums1417 egg5315 element of magic3468 equestria games451 facehoof2030 faic14827 female1778547 filly96046 filly rainbow dash1557 filly starlight glimmer688 flashback potion232 flutterbat8432 fluttergoth1314 food99820 friendship journal209 future twilight1200 gif48117 gigachad spike1281 greed spike208 grogar's bell597 happy birthday mlp:fim1557 harmonica195 helm46 hood2036 i mean i see562 ice cream6601 jewelry110485 king thorax3714 long68 luna petting goose134 magic95400 male542182 mane seven7820 mane six37291 mare726896 mlp fim's ninth anniversary314 montage99 multeity2999 musical instrument15030 naked rarity232 older38625 older spike8873 one-pony band29 orange1294 pacifier3296 pinkie hugging applejack's butt110 ponies riding gators304 power ponies3250 princess twilight 2.03742 pudding face204 punk3058 punklight sparkle862 quiet204 race swap21204 ragelight glimmer309 rainbow muzzle273 rapidash twilight469 raripunk1673 regalia35656 riding9070 shirt39432 sign5187 sleeping29025 sneaking437 snow19452 soda drink hat5 source filmmaker67220 sousaphone209 spike the dog3016 student six2077 swamp fever112 t-shirt6926 tambourine583 teenage spike1236 teenager7223 the cmc's cutie marks5165 ticket358 too much pink energy is dangerous405 treelight sparkle219 twilight flopple189 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147888 twilight's castle5444 twilighting423 twilynanas178 unicorn twilight32343 wall of tags6400 whining264 winged spike10012 wings216311 younger22593


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Passionate opinionator
When will this get a webm?! This gif is so awesome that I want to stop and pause at every moment!
Also, imagine if it went like Homer Simpson’s timelapse and went through every moment of Twilight’s life.