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To celebrate MLP's 9th anniversary, here's a montage of Twilight and Spike's adventures through the seasons.
safe1691374 artist:red4567902 angel bunny9794 apple bloom49091 applejack168640 boulder (pet)1276 capper dapperpaws1569 clover the clever368 cozy glow7296 crackle356 cup cake4119 derpy hooves49912 diamond tiara10167 discord30702 fido525 fluttershy211111 gabby2388 gallus6649 gummy5051 humdrum455 lord tirek5227 masked matter-horn822 maud pie12375 moondancer4830 ocellus5227 owlowiscious1981 pinkie pie214805 pipsqueak2842 pound cake2539 princess cadance32505 princess celestia94372 princess ember6415 princess flurry heart7178 princess luna98525 princess skystar1985 queen chrysalis34509 rainbow dash232309 rarity180510 rockhoof1130 sandbar5406 scootaloo51023 shining armor22981 silver spoon6490 silverstream6073 sludge (dragon)348 smolder7815 smooze617 somnambula1896 spike78369 spitfire13341 star swirl the bearded2008 starlight glimmer48205 sunburst6639 sweetie belle48738 tank2718 tempest shadow16710 thorax4291 trixie66948 twilight sparkle298659 yona5054 alicorn221649 bat pony49055 bird8108 breezie2140 bugbear189 changedling8235 changeling46800 diamond dog3401 dog9394 dragon55376 earth pony243060 griffon26729 human153170 parasprite2035 pegasus285889 pony953109 unicorn316926 yak4554 28 pranks later951 a canterlot wedding2804 a dog and pony show597 a flurry of emotions1258 a health of information519 a matter of principals1082 a rockhoof and a hard place805 a royal problem2135 a trivial pursuit1135 amending fences1245 applebuck season858 applejack's "day" off584 bats!1720 best gift ever2389 between dark and dawn1600 boast busters1096 bridle gossip791 castle mane-ia876 castle sweet castle1329 celestial advice1142 crusaders of the lost mark1648 do princesses dream of magic sheep1165 dragon dropped1196 dragon quest922 equestria girls198268 equestria girls (movie)7048 every little thing she does940 fake it 'til you make it1068 fall weather friends741 fame and misfortune1072 family appreciation day565 father knows beast880 feeling pinkie keen801 friendship is magic2818 games ponies play1051 gauntlet of fire1465 green isn't your color904 hearth's warming eve (episode)653 horse play910 inspiration manifestation871 it ain't easy being breezies869 it isn't the mane thing about you1157 it's about time744 just for sidekicks937 keep calm and flutter on1040 lesson zero1449 luna eclipsed1525 magic duel2100 magical mystery cure2324 make new friends but keep discord2024 marks for effort1138 maud pie (episode)1280 may the best pet win767 molt down847 my little pony: the movie18913 newbie dash1054 no second prances1845 non-compete clause724 once upon a zeppelin805 owl's well that ends well423 ppov899 princess spike (episode)721 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2653 scare master932 school daze2758 school raze2319 secret of my excess752 shadow play1294 she's all yak1158 slice of life (episode)1725 sparkle's seven1662 spike at your service1032 swarm of the century709 sweet and smoky935 tanks for the memories1449 testing testing 1-2-31367 the beginning of the end2139 the best night ever1349 the crystal empire2799 the crystalling2153 the cutie map4134 the cutie re-mark3188 the end in friend686 the ending of the end3153 the hearth's warming club891 the last problem5667 the last roundup1063 the mane attraction1205 the one where pinkie pie knows822 the point of no return1017 the return of harmony1664 the summer sun setback1088 the ticket master996 the times they are a changeling918 three's a crowd1294 to where and back again2668 too many pinkie pies1829 trade ya918 triple threat951 twilight time909 twilight's kingdom3073 uncommon bond806 what about discord?675 what lies beneath1592 winter wrap up1079 3d74569 accordion294 alicorn amulet1853 alternate hairstyle27775 angry26837 animated97816 ballerina986 banjo277 barrel1606 bat ponified2609 beefspike398 behaving like a moth49 big crown thingy2341 blue flu328 bongos121 book33131 butt touch3937 butthug352 cage980 candle4677 clothes454042 cocoon639 colt14738 comic book649 cookie zombie240 crystal2577 cup6210 cutie mark47085 cutie mark crusaders18919 cymbals183 dragon egg195 dress43995 drums1038 egg3898 element of magic2224 equestria games436 facehoof1744 faic12264 female1349287 filly65627 filly rainbow dash1258 filly starlight glimmer578 flashback potion219 flutterbat6817 fluttergoth794 food69154 friendship journal166 future twilight1044 gif30548 gigachad spike807 greed spike161 grogar's bell445 happy birthday mlp:fim1305 harmonica141 helm32 hood1292 i see4 ice cream4968 jewelry62152 king thorax2868 long53 luna petting goose125 magic72489 male367688 mane seven6470 mane six31706 mare473642 mlp fim's ninth anniversary313 montage74 multeity2206 musical instrument10353 naked rarity212 older26316 older spike5206 one-pony band19 orange934 pacifier2629 pinkie hugging applejack's butt90 ponies riding gators299 power ponies2712 princess twilight 2.02296 pudding face178 punk2213 punklight sparkle747 quiet152 race swap14111 rainbow muzzle253 rapidash twilight393 raripunk1221 regalia19462 riding7433 shirt24451 sign3939 sleeping23255 sneaking312 snow13725 soda drink hat5 source filmmaker45425 sousaphone183 spike the dog2591 student six1616 swamp fever103 t-shirt4344 tambourine476 teenage spike651 teenager4567 the cmc's cutie marks4739 ticket200 too much pink energy is dangerous305 treelight sparkle206 twilight flopple153 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123060 twilight's castle3824 twilighting336 twilynanas134 unicorn twilight16948 wall of tags2968 whining236 winged spike8306 younger17233


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2266109 does have the 9th anniversary without cyrus from dragon tales
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When will this get a webm?! This gif is so awesome that I want to stop and pause at every moment!

Also, imagine if it went like Homer Simpson's timelapse and went through every moment of Twilight's life.