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A lot of you should be familiar with this one: Echo the (fruit)bat-pony!  She’s appeared a lot lately in some of StormXF3’s "MLP in real life" videos on YouTube, but she was actually created as early as 2013 by some people on /mlp/ as a collaborative design project and became somewhat of a mascot for them.  Now I’m a little confused as to who designed her because the batponies wiki says she was designed by several anons, though seems to have some ownership of her as I’ve seen people credit him in their own fanart.  He also makes a lot of Echo vectors on this site and some people ask him in the comments if they can use her for a fanfic or something.  If I am getting anything wrong, please let me know in the comments.  I’m a little behind on some fandom trivia. 

I’ve seen her float around on any site where pony content circulates like Equestria Daily, but she really caught my attention with videos like this:… and I instantly grew fond of her.  I love the idea of her being a scatterbrained fruit-bat type of batpony who obsesses over mangos even to the point of stealing them from someone like in those videos. 

MLPFIM © Hasbro
Echo © and /mlp/
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Background Pony #322D
Echo was indeed created by several Anons, with Cosmo as a main artist who gave her new mane, tail and a cutie mark.
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