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Happy 9th Anniversary And Happy Birthday My Beloved Show.This show was part of me and now seeing it go like that it brings tears to my eyes because I loved it with all my heart and its extremely painful for me right now to write this cause my heart is broken in thousands of pieces and a void is left behind where it once was.I know that I should be happy about these 9 years but it hurts it hurts a lot and I can't help but want to cry for hours, days, weeks I don't know.The 4th Generation will always be the best one to ever be made and people who left the series from the start well its their miss cause this series was the best one I ever watched in my entire life and now saying good bye to it is very very very painful for me.It was my life it was part of me but now its gonna fade away and make way for G5 which Im not happy about that they stoped G4 to go in G5 when they are gonna release probably next year around september which makes me furious because they still had material to continue G4 for at least one more year at most.But this is the end of the Best My Little Pony Generation ever made and people who think or say otherwise are idiots.Anyways this is a thank you to all these 9 years of My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic and I hope they don't screw everything up for G5 with altering the 3 of the Mane 6 and making 3 worlds.Anyways again Thank You My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic for all these beautiful moments of love, happyness and laughter that you given us throughout these 9 years You Were The Best Show Ever Made.I wont say good bye cause it will never be erased from our hearts and our memories the fandom will stay alive forever like you and the light will never fade away.So thank you for everything you have done for me for the past 9 years of my life and we will not let you be forgotten.We will carry on your legacy each and every one of us will.[The art above isn't mine]
safe1749840 artist:alexia tryfon28 edit135844 applejack173229 fluttershy217183 pinkie pie220116 princess cadance33136 princess celestia96733 princess luna100762 rainbow dash238510 rarity185538 spike80483 twilight sparkle306047 alicorn232787 bird8761 butterfly7291 earth pony265699 pegasus308923 pony1009946 unicorn342042 apple16739 apple tree3220 balloon10419 book34487 cloud32064 colourful110 complex background411 confetti2019 diamonds136 end of g4104 eyes closed97991 eyes open473 farm584 fields7 happy birthday1282 happy birthday mlp:fim1302 jumping3473 mane six32555 mlp fim's ninth anniversary313 night27340 night sky1866 open book101 open mouth154156 pegasus wings238 pony tails26 sky14957 skydiving483 stars16276 sun6940 text62159 text edit1210 tree33495 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126178 wings122976


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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -

It's kind of funny, (in a way) how MLP has changed over the generations. From the arguable failure of the My Petite Pony to the My Little Ponies and the TV show that introduced the concept of a pony controlled world (that got their toys to sell) and introduced some memorable characters. And then just a series of general toy commercials that was G2 (My Little Pony & Friends).Onto the inventing of more characters and toy sets in a world that doesn't understand chronology or continuity at all. And finally taking up the mantle for a concept that has already been firmly cemented and running with it all the way from the bottom of the barrel (not actually certain where it stood before G4) to quite possibly the best TV show of all time.

Hilariously, I think Halo did something similar when it stole the crown right out from under Doom and gained the title of greatest game ever and revolutionizing the FPS genre.
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