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These are the fillies of Ponyville Schoolhouse whose adult counterpart are shown in the new era. They are in the alphabetical order:
Apple Bloom, Aquamarine, Boysenberry, Diamond Tiara, First Base, Gallop J. Fry, Little Red, Peach Fuzz, Scootaloo, Silver Spoon, Super Funk, Sweetie Belle, Train Tracks, Twist.

Twist is the youngest female student yet had the tallest height as a filly.
safe (1500280) artist:jaredking203 (26) screencap (186665) apple bloom (45118) aquamarine (141) boysenberry (156) diamond tiara (9363) first base (234) gallop j. fry (210) little red (139) peach fuzz (218) scootaloo (47933) silver spoon (6001) super funk (182) sweetie belle (45314) train tracks (character) (184) twist (2719) earth pony (171955) pony (777562) unicorn (232890) the last problem (3154) spoiler:s09e26 (3376) collage (1128) female (824415) male (281415) older (20903) older apple bloom (1365) older aquamarine (5) older diamond tiara (574) older first base (13) older gallop j.fry (17) older little red (9) older peach fuzz (9) older scootaloo (1413) older silver spoon (527) older super funk (7) older sweetie belle (1505) older twist (73) white background (78898)


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Heidi Hay is voiced by Deanna Mustard or singed by Kerri Kane or Cathy Weseluck or is it a male voiced by Brian Drummond?