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These are the fillies of Ponyville Schoolhouse whose adult counterpart are shown in the new era. They are in the alphabetical order:
Apple Bloom, Aquamarine, Boysenberry, Diamond Tiara, First Base, Gallop J. Fry, Little Red, Peach Fuzz, Scootaloo, Silver Spoon, Super Funk, Sweetie Belle, Train Tracks, Twist.

Twist is the youngest female student yet had the tallest height as a filly.
safe1635962 edit125303 edited screencap60536 editor:jaredking203319 screencap213316 apple bloom47950 aquamarine159 boysenberry179 diamond tiara9946 first base252 gallop j. fry240 little red160 peach fuzz258 scootaloo50090 silver spoon6337 super funk203 sweetie belle47738 train tracks (character)208 twist2821 earth pony222659 pegasus264525 pony901091 unicorn293627 the last problem5258 collage1293 female1302088 male350015 mare448131 older24832 older apple bloom1911 older aquamarine16 older boysenberry10 older diamond tiara703 older first base15 older gallop j. fry33 older little red12 older peach fuzz13 older scootaloo1880 older silver spoon604 older super funk7 older sweetie belle2108 older train tracks (character)6 older twist104 stallion100186 white background91649


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Right that’s what I found weird I mean they have more appearances and speaking roles then most of these ponies excluding CMC, diamond tiara, and silver spoon it was weird we didn’t see a older version of them.
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Heidi Hay is voiced by Deanna Mustard or singed by Kerri Kane or Cathy Weseluck or is it a male voiced by Brian Drummond?
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