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safe1614266 artist:lumineko2759 twilight sparkle288104 alicorn205766 bird7354 butterfly6570 hummingbird167 pony881794 the last problem5011 alternate hairstyle25650 balcony1324 beautiful5085 blushing182341 canterlot5350 clothes425404 coronation81 coronation dress623 crying40991 cute186032 dress41092 female1284951 looking at you152321 mare438970 pretty716 raised hoof40680 second coronation dress192 smiling224260 solo1002448 twiabetes10825 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118285


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Twi’s Engineer Hubby
My Twilight, holy hell does she clean up good. Can you call in love with your waifu twice?

Also very great job capturing this scene!
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