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Found this amongst my collection of pony pics, and I thought, why not upload it here?

Besides, that's a whole lot of shipping for not even 30 episodes (it's that old, yes).
safe1572760 artist:vanhorsing3 aloe2422 angel bunny9364 apple bloom46485 applejack158575 aunt orange347 berry punch6094 berryshine6084 big macintosh26836 blossomforth1344 blues911 bon bon15606 braeburn6108 caramel2354 carrot cake2024 carrot top5138 cheerilee9342 cloud kicker1738 cloudchaser3697 cookie crumbles920 cup cake3736 daisy2211 derpy hooves48198 diamond tiara9664 dinky hooves4252 discord28651 dj pon-328087 doctor whooves10070 donut joe756 fancypants1770 featherweight1206 filthy rich1072 fleur-de-lis3333 flitter2911 flower wishes2077 fluttershy197423 frederic horseshoepin279 gilda9093 golden harvest5138 goldengrape592 hoity toity951 hondo flanks474 lily1774 lily valley1774 little strongheart735 liza doolots574 lotus blossom2570 lyra heartstrings27723 minuette5348 mosely orange138 noteworthy912 octavia melody22253 petunia573 photo finish2522 pinkie pie202931 pipsqueak2707 prince blueblood3831 princess celestia89884 princess luna93870 rainbow dash219032 rarity169434 roseluck4646 ruby pinch1220 scootaloo49125 silver spoon6212 sir colton vines iii592 snails5140 snips3997 soarin'13315 spike74754 spitfire12770 steven magnet557 sweetie belle46589 sweetie drops15606 thunderlane3815 time turner10056 tom862 tootsie flute576 trixie61984 twilight sparkle282282 twist2792 uncle orange286 vinyl scratch32183 zecora8778 alicorn194720 buffalo574 draconequus8938 dragon48034 griffon24838 pony843731 rabbit4440 sea serpent172 unicorn265201 zebra15701 abacus85 animal3346 animosity5 applecest1889 applemac1033 artifact1060 background pony9101 berrilee29 berrygate87 bit488 bits1015 blossomlane60 booze137 bow24141 braeheart130 calf73 camera3482 canon449 caramac345 cargo ship511 carrotjoe10 cheeribelle7 cheerilight115 cheeripinch4 cloudamel1 colt13297 cookieflanks172 crossed arms4186 crush350 cutie mark crusaders17864 daisygrape50 de magicks12 derpytop221 dinkysqueak89 discomagnet5 dislestia1424 doctor who3039 doctorderpy1405 douchebag81 egghead233 eyes closed79992 faithful student4 fanboy52 fancyfleur181 female896899 filly59399 flarity1457 flip-flop9 flower trio518 fluttermac2646 flutterpie1371 food60598 forever alone243 fredtavia78 gay25211 gildash336 glasses54747 hair bow13225 hilarious in hindsight3017 hoitylis10 hot for teacher36 incest12326 jossed115 lesbian92084 lisp81 lunabacus2 lyrabon3085 male304705 mane bow117 mane seven5886 mane six29409 mare414389 married couple795 mayorcake2 megacrush1 meme78478 mouth hold15443 muffin6156 my little pony logo3338 omg95 one eye closed25076 pegacest219 phobia36 photoshy2 pie3001 pinkiedash3230 polygamy165 ponygamous1 princest2008 pun7215 rarijack6612 raritom53 rockcon107 royal sisters3860 s1 luna6801 scootadash755 scootobsession46 scratchtavia2820 self love5 shipping183664 shipping chart106 shipping is magic2 silvertiara398 snailstwist87 snixie1 soarinfire568 soarinjack210 sonic screwdriver524 sparity6284 spikebloom420 spitdash414 stallion92391 straight121459 tack3734 that pony sure does love alcohol21 that pony sure does love pies361 the cakes94 the oranges94 thunderchaser184 tootsietwist2 trails51 tsundere2618 twilestia2490 twiluna1594 twincest591 twins1935 twixie4867 unicorn twilight12833 vinyl's glasses188 voyeur423 voyeurism2034 wall of tags2309 wincest34 zecobloom35


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