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The (almost) full compilation of Wilhelm scream from MLP franchise, based on informations from Wiki.

20 in total.
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Background Pony #4FF6
Jesus,as usual EQG stick out of a franchise called about pony like a jaunissed sore thumb
Background Pony #9905
not even mlp can escape the Wilhelm scream. makes me wonder like how many times in films and tv the Wilhelm scream was used in total

Oh hell, it's been used hundreds of times in movies, TV shows, videogames and more!

Example: The roar of the "Cloverfield" monster is the Wilhelm scream played backward and slowed down with a lot of reverb and echo effects added.

Do a Google search for the Wilhelm scream and you'll be amazed!
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

not even mlp can escape the Wilhelm scream. makes me wonder like how many times in films and tv the Wilhelm scream was used in total