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Equestria at War!

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Pinkie Pie: Thanks for playing!!

(Chrysalis fries ragdoll version of herself with her mana beam)
safe1641057 screencap213935 pinkie pie210101 queen chrysalis33695 changeling44222 earth pony224700 pony906473 the ending of the end3013 :<999 angry25652 armor22731 beam260 bipedal32558 blast620 bowtie9436 carny7 chrysalis blasts things6 clothes436351 colored sclera660 comic104790 doll5885 fake moustache286 fangs23488 female1306646 final battle53 former queen chrysalis329 frown22119 frustrated525 glare8131 glowing horn18267 gritted teeth11229 hat81920 hoof hold7858 horn56094 livid10 magic69833 magic beam315 magic blast973 mare450505 meme origin400 moustache2837 plushie22971 queen chrysalis is not amused76 ragdoll56 raised eyebrow6388 raised hoof42172 screencap comic4391 shrunken pupils2853 sin of wrath52 smiling230673 surprised8735 toy21504 ultimate chrysalis383 unamused15078 wide eyes16546 yikes12


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With the many items pinkie pie as flim had held in her hoof to show queen Chrysalis when a plushie of a bug horse was held before queen Chrysalis used her powers to vaporize the plushie.
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